NFE in sport

Getting started: educational sport or sportive education?

Sport is an integral part in the development of children and young people, and not to limit it down – to the life of society in general. After all, apart from the beneficial role of sport in our health and physical well-being, it can be a massive channel of education, skills building and empowerment. The interaction, physical and mental contact of sports players, learning to behave and balance in a group, cooperating, making decisions, but far and foremost developing the sense of solidarity, tolerance, understanding and appreciating values of equality, diversity and peace and supporting social inclusion, are only few of the benefits that sport can and should have over young athletes. Commitment and responsibility, leadership and teamwork, healthy competition and respect, handling pressure and time management are only a few of the life skills that a child or young person is introduced with through sports. This way, sport is turning into a lifelong educational tool, which is breaking the formal educational learning styles and offers a way out to a more effective, multilevel and efficient learning journey.