sport in nfe


Brief overview: The exercise is called “The Experienters” because it teaches a group about learning style preferences in the first step. Different approaches will be shown through the game of basketball and participants will be challenged to determine the style that suits them the most.

Category of competences:
– Communication in your own / foreign language
– Learning to learn
– Social and civic competences
– Cultural awareness, tolerance
Duration: 120 minutes
Target group: Y16+
Participants: 20-30 people
Materials and setting:
– Basketball court
– 2 balls for basketball game
– 2 whistles
– Role cards with the learning styles and explanations
– T-shirts / Jerseys to segregate the teams
– Computer, projector
– Flipchart, markers, Post it note paper


Make sure the court is clean and the balls are inflated. Make sure there are enough t-shirts or jerseys for each team in different color. Prepare the role cards in advance. Give a short presentation on different learning styles (divergers, assimilators, convergers, accommodators) prior to the session.


Step-by-step instructions for implementing this method.

Step 01 – Participants are given learning style role cards and they are asked to behave in accordance to them. They should take time to think about it and decide on how to implement their role. Group is divided in teams, so each team has at least one representative of each learning style. Each team has at least 5 people, up to 7 so they can substitute. (15 min)

Step 02 – Give a detailed explanation on rules for playing basketball. Teach the participants the basics about the movement in basketball. Make sure that everyone understands the game. (15 min)

Step 03 – Role cards:
1. DIVERGER (concrete – reflective)
Cooperate intensively with everyone else from your team. Try to be as imaginative as possible. Try bringing creative solutions to your game. Adjust to the fast changing environment.
2. ASSIMILATOR (abstract – reflective)
Try to create the theory on how your team should play. Bring this strategy to the group based on the careful determination on team’s abilities and obstacles. Try to create a story out of single facts (be inductive).
3. CONVERGER (abstract – active)
Try to have a practical orientation. Focus on the entire game and winning rather than on the separate aspects and details. Try not being too emotional during the game.
4. ACCOMODATOR (concrete – active)
Be intuitive are react to the situations quickly. Take a doer role of the time. Try to take risks in the game as much as possible.

Step 04 – Let the participants play the game. Depending on the number of teams, organize a small tournament. Each game will last for 10 min. In total 60 min.

Step 05 – Debriefing (30 min):
Lead the discussion with the participants after the games. Ask questions like the following.
– How did you feel during the activity?
– What happened during the game, what where the interesting moments?
– What and how did you learn?
– What is your opinion on learning styles typology?
– Can you implement the acquired knowledge to improve the communication with certain people?

Step 06 – Additional information: feel free to open the discussion with the participants on the learning style test they did prior to the joining the NFE activity.