sport in nfe


Brief overview: The exercise is called “The Experienters” because it teaches a group about learning style preferences in the first step. Different approaches will be shown through the game of basketball and participants will be challenged to determine the style that suits them the most.

Category of competences:
– Communication skills
– Focus on goal achievement
– Cooperation for goal achievement
– Strategical thinking and planning

Duration: 60 minutes
Target group: Y15+
Participants: 20-30 people
Materials and setting:
– Playground or a court
– Strong rope (5-6 m, depending on the number of players)
– Computer, projector
– Flipchart, markers, Post it note paper


Check the length of the rope depending on number of the players you will have during the exercise. If it is shorter then needed you should decide to do the alternative scenario by giving additional tasks to some of the players, meaning that teams should choose their analyst, leader, cheerleaders etc. who will not play but assist during the exercise by having special tasks.


Step-by-step instructions for implementing this method.

Step 01 – Divide a group in two. Tell them that the task is to pull the rope against the other group and that they can make a short agreement on how they will do it in their groups. Give them a hint that they should decide about who will be the leader and who should be the first person in a line. On every 2 minutes the person standing first in line will have to go at the end of the line while pulling is still going on (20 min)

Step 02 – Give participants a chance to play against the other group and after the first efforts introduce new rules at the spot- e.g. they should all stand on one foot while pooling a rope (20 min)

Step 03– Declare a winner and celebrate the results

Step 04 – Debriefing (30 min):
Lead the discussion with the participants after the games. Ask questions like the following.
– How did you feel during the activity?
– What happened during the game, what where the interesting moments?
– How did you plan the execution?
– Did you manage to predict the change of rules as a part of your strategy?
– How did you decide who will be the leader?
– What other roles did you delegate or recognized in your group?
– Can you implement the acquired knowledge to improve the strategical approach in your everyday work and life?

Step 05 – Share the handout about the strategic planning and steps within it. Discuss with participants about everyday life examples when this can be used.