NFE in sport

NFE – show me your real face!

First, you need to get familiar with the concept of NFE and its elements in order to be able to apply NFE methods in your work. So, let’s get straight toward it.

Non-formal learning is learning that has been acquired in addition or alternatively to formal learning. In some cases, it is also structured according to certain educational and training arrangements; however, it is characterized by flexibility and a tendency to adjust more easily to the needs and requirements of its target group. Non-formal education is that kind of learning that is not provided by an education or training institution and typically does not lead to certification. It is, however, well-structured and defined in terms of learning objectives, learning time or learning support; it is planned and facilitated, and not just a random set of activities whose aims and desired results seem vague and blurry.

In fact, it consists of several elements, which sometimes happen to be different from or similar to the formal educational models and their combination creates a unique learning journey with –sometimes- unexpected positive results! Wondering what these characteristics are?

Take a look!