OUR guiding


On this page you can explore the guiding principles that form the foundation of the INThROugh network.


European values

 The INThROugh network is dedicated to the promotion of intercultural dialogue and strengthening of European project among all citizens – especially the young ones. We believe that this is of the key importance for the future of Europe.

 The members of the Network strongly believe that the embedding of European values in the life of local communities and young people represents a cornerstone of societal and individual development, and represents a key step toward achieving inclusive European Citizenship.

  Cross-sectoral synergy between grassroot sport and education is a powerful driving force for resolving and transforming the societal and transnational challenges. That is why we are determined to support the  cooperation and synergy of all relevant stakeholders at the local level – sports clubs, youth organizations,   and local authorities.

 Sport represents a neutral language that is understandable to all young people, regardless of their ethnic, religious, cultural or economic belonging. It is also one of the most favourite and effective forms of activism among youth so it plays a vital role in their social education. 

 Education in and through sport can significantly raise awareness of young people in regards to the burning problems that we are all facing and support them in achieving lifelong educational goals of enhanced solidarity and tolerance, as well as increased understanding of the values of equality, diversity and peace.

We believe that the youth participation and engagement in sports and health-enhancing physical activities needs to be increased in Croatia, North Macedonia and Serbia, having in mind that this participation level is lower than EU average. Active participation in sports activities helps protect and improve physical and mental health of young people. 


Guiding principles are summed up within the Letter of Intentions signed by representatives of local authorities, sport clubs and youth organizations from Croatia, North Macedonia and Serbia.

The project "INThROugh - Power of cross-sectoral synergy between education and sport" is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.