sport in nfe


The presented methodologies were created with an aim of bringing sports and non-formal education together for higher purposes. The guide is designed to make a long-term impact for children and adolescents, regardless of their background, skills and different opportunities. It teaches the NFE practitioners how to show them the benefits of sport not only as a spare time activity but as a great method for reaching overall wellbeing. We believe that the core European values inevitably blend in into this concept while sharpening the soft skills of our future leaders.
We invite you to use this guide while keeping the benefits of our target group, the youth, always in the first place. The methodologies were not designed to be followed in this exact order or to be replicated literally. Rather, we invite you to explore more, to go further, mix and adjust, and on top of everything, always to play.

At the very end, imagine if one sports team was made out of players of the same physical condition and abilities, identical mindset and setbacks. This would not work, right? Therefore, empower your participants to discover their unique potential, nurture it, and work together to create great teams