sport in nfe


Brief overview: Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the inclusion and democratic values through analyzing and changing the rules of group sports.

Category of competences:
– Communication skills
– Equality and inclusion
– Cooperation skills and team work
– Democratic values
Duration: 90 minutes
Target group: Y15+
Participants: 24 participants
Materials and setting:
– Working room or a playground
– Balls, nets, goals or equivalents to this (improvised sets)
– Flipchart, markers, post it notes


Prepare the rules for at least four group sports such as volleyball, basketball, water polo, handball etc. Be sure that there is enough space and needed sport requisites for trying the new moves and rules produced by participants.


Step-by-step instructions for implementing this method.

Step 01 – Divide a group in four teams. Give each group a set of rules for different group sport. Tell them to analyze it and note the major characteristics such as the rules are strict, everyone is participating equally or how much they think, there are divided roles, the goal is etc. After this stage they should be familiar with the way how to play (20 min)

Step 02 – Give participants additional task to try to make the sport awarded to them more inclusive and democratic by changing the rules as they wish. They should be able to perform the new rules and principles how it is played (20 min)

Step 03 – Give a chance to participants to try their new rules and perform it in front of the other groups Each team can have 5 minutes to show their innovation (20 min)

Step 04 – Debriefing (30 min):
Lead the discussion with the participants after the games. Ask questions like the following.
– How did you feel during the activity?
– What happened during the game, would you like your rules to became new standards in these sports?
– What makes new rules more democratic than previous?
– Which are the week points of the games you analyzed? Are they any?
– How can sport become more inclusive and still be interesting?