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This platform is designed to support the integration of education in and through sports by enabling exchange of experiences and knowledge between sports clubs and youth organizations.

Sport in Non-formal Education

Access the Guide on how to use sport as a tool for achieving meaningfull and succesful life-long education.

Non-formal education in Sport

Explore the Guide for integrating non-formal education in sports activities that will enable even larger number of young people to get access to NFE.

Our knowledge base

Explore innovative methodologies for the integration of non-formal education and sports activities that were developed within the INThROugh project.

Guide for integrating sport into non-formal education activites

Guide for integrating non-formal education into sport activities


INThROugh Network is brininging sports clubs, organizations and other stakeholders working on fostering the use of grasroot sports as a tool for non-formal education, intercultural dialogue and promoting European values.

You can find find out more and join the network by visiting the Network page.


Explore local policy recommendations aimed at stimulating local authorities to embrace and promote the non-formal education in and through sport as a part of their Youth Action Plans. These local initiatives are shared on a global level in order to boost their reach and effectiveness. This combination of global and local is what makes INThROugh glocal.

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You can find out more about local policy recommendations developed within this project by visiting the GLOCAL page.

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The project "INThROugh - Power of cross-sectoral synergy between education and sport" is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.