NFE in sport


1. Show some passion! – be passionate, smiling and into the process! You are the only authoritative figure in this case and your young athletes need to follow your example.

2. Pause before you act! – take a minute before you react if something goes wrong. A deep breath can make a difference!

3. Accept the unexpected! – no matter how hard you try to pre-arrange everything, things happen and it should be perfectly ok. After all… it shakes things up!

4. Consult with your team! – ask your colleagues’ opinion and support when you need it. Remember: you are all together in this!

5. Embrace your imperfections! – even if you don’t manage to solve the issue, there is always room for improvement! We are all humans, after all!

6. Be flexible! – efficiency and adaptation is the key to success. Try to find practical ways to overcome any hardship and make sure you adjust your initial idea to the needs and desires of your young athletes on the spot.

7. All in! – always remember that you are doing this to offer a unique experience to your athletes. So, make sure that everyone is equally participating or at least has equal space to be involved and express themselves.

8. Make it clear! – remind yourself why you have decided to do this in the first place. Try not to be overwhelmed by the process as there is a chance to miss the forest for the tree. Try to bring back the group in the main aim of your initiative, even if they accidentally drive away from it and get lost. Make sure you are giving them a clear and precise message!