NFE in sport


1. Debriefing – the activity will turn meaningless if you stop the process to the implementation phase. The most crucial point of NFE is debriefing – the moment when you engage participants (young athletes in our case) in a discussion of summarizing everything that has happened, pointing out the lesson learned in the process and commenting on the general experience.

2. Reflection – how did your target group feel? How do they evaluate themselves? What emotions did they experience, what was difficult, easy, interesting, exciting or surprising? Are they satisfied by their performance? Offer them some time and space to open up and reflect on everything that has happened.

3. Evaluation – how was this experience for them? Do they feel it has been valuable or meaningless? What went wrong (if any) or what was great in the process? Do they recognize any benefits out of this experience?

4. Feedback – there is no better advisor for your own future improvement than your target group who directly participated in your initiative. Ask them to be open and share their ideas on what should be improved and how. Or even what they would like to experience in the future to this regard.

5. Reward – don’t forget that your young athletes have accompanied you in this journey and were willing to be involved and follow you in the process. They have shown trust in you, interest in your idea and have delivered all tasks assigned. It’s never too much to reward them with a good word for their participation and active involvement and let them know that you acknowledge and appreciate their presence.