sport in nfe

Concrete examples of methodologies


Brief overview: The game is played at the beginning of the first day of session, as a method of participants getting to know each other and lifting up the energy for the day.

Category of competence:
Communication in your own / foreign language
Duration: 30 minutes
Target group: any age
Participants: 8-30 participants
Materials and setting:
One soft ball suitable for throwing indoors.
Preparation: no preparation for this game is needed.


Step-by-step instructions for implementing this method.

Step 01 – Ask all the participants to stand up and to form a big circle facing the center. Then, ask them to say their first name in order.

Step 02 – Explain the first phase of the game. The participants should say a name and throw a ball to the person with that name. The catcher should respond with the name of the thrower. If one of them is wrong, the player is out. Let the participants play. (10 min)

Step 03 – Explain the second phase of the game. The participants should say the name of their favorite athlete / sports person. Also, they should shortly explain why they value this person. It should be a specific skill, engagement, valuable deed or similar. The rest of the throwing game remains the same as in the first phase. (10min)

Step 04 – Use the positive energy introduced in this game to build on it for the rest of the day.

Variations: Instead of using the name of the sports person / athlete, you can ask the participants to play the game using the names of their favorite sport teams, or even favorite sports. The last is suitable if it is a smaller group, so not a lot of repetition could occur.