sport in nfe

Sport as a tool for team building, energizers and skill building activities

So far, we have explored the influence of physical activity on individuals and their communities. However, next to the obvious health benefits and potential positive influence on society, sport can be a useful tool in creating fast bonding of a group working together for a specific goal which is other than winning in sport. Some of the great examples of this are team building activities, energizers, as well as skill building activities in non-formal education programs.

In team building, members are required to participate in activities as a part of the process which is designed with an aim to improve group dynamics. Team building concept is widely used nowadays by companies to foster healthy working culture. These activities are also designed in a way to influence satisfaction, employee’s productivity and consequently boost profitability.

Group’s cohesion is one of the key aspects which determine the success or failure of your NFE training or other event. Generally speaking, cohesion represents the strength of the bonds among group members or, more informally, the degree to which individuals stick together. Not only the team’s cohesion, gained through physical engagement, influences performance, but it can also be translated to the social circles in future. Cohesion can also be considered from wider perspective. Cohesion policy of European Union is well-known and represents base EU development principles which aim on minimization of disparities and avoiding polarization. In other words, it is designed to promote well-being for every region in the Union.

Not only equal development gained through cohesion, but other European goals and values have a stronghold in sports as well, some of those being solidarity, inclusion, equality and peace. Bringing those values closer to youth can be fostered through structured sport-based activities. In the next section we will explore possible activities designed with this goal. Remember that these activities are designed to teach values while using sport as a tool. This means the focus should not be places on the competitiveness but acquiring new knowledge and skills.